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Prosiecka vallye

Prosiecka valley is located in Choc mountain which is divided by the valley into two parts, north and sounth. The overall length of the valley is 3.5km. It starts in the grass fields of Svorad mountain and ends close to the village Prosiek. It is also part of the national reservation that holds the same name.

Prosiecka valley is considered to be the most beautiful valley in Slovakia mostly for the variety of flowers. It was marked as the most beautiful valley by the readers of Beauties of Slovakia magazine. Waterfall with a crystall clear, which is at the end of the valley, water is a must see. You can lear a lot about the characteristics of this region from the information boards that can be found along the way.


Prosiecka dolina

Prosiecka valley Prosiecka valley Prosiecka valley

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