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Ski Park Jasna - Chopok

This is one of the most visited SKI resorts in Slovakia. It is located on the Chopok mountain which is in the National Park of Low Tatras. Together, there are about 28km of ski trecks. All trecks are divided into two locations, Chopok North and Chopok South. Spolu až 28km zjazdoviek je rozdelených na dvoch stranách Chopku, Chopok Sever a Chopok Juh.

Chopok North

JASNA - CHOPOK NORTH resort is located in the LIPTOV region, south from the city of Liptovsky Mikulas. It is part of Low Tatras. The highest point of mountain is above 2000 meters above the sea level.

One of the most beautiful valleys in Low Tatras is Demenovska valley which is 16km long. Apart from tremendous views, you have to see Vrbicke lake.

Jasna Chopok North is further divided into three parts that are interconnected with each other by ski lifts:

  • RESORT ZAHRADKY 900 - 2004 m amsl
  • RESORT BIELA PUT 1117 - 2004 m amsl
  • RESORT OTUPNE 1141 - 2004 m amsl


Jasna - Chopok North

Ski Park Jasná - Chopok sever Ski Park Jasná - Chopok sever Ski Park Jasná - Chopok sever

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